About Little Owl Preschool Elementary
Little Owl Preschool Elementary
Contact: Natalia Galinskaya

About Little Owl Preschool Elementary

We place emphasis on early childhood development and education. Whether you enroll your child in our Kindergarten or Elementary program, Little Owl teachers foster the development of the whole child. We use discovery based learning activities, sensory manipulatives, and developmental centres to fully engage your child in their lessons. We assess your child's understanding and gently challenge them to continue their next developmental phase. 

Children are naturally imaginative and creative. That is why the Arts are not just a subject at Little Owl, they are a teaching strategy. Drama, Music, and Visual Arts are incorporated into our lessons to captivate your child and connect ideas. Our lessons are universally designed to ensure the ideas presented and explored are attainable for every child. Teach your child well and become a Little Owl today! 

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